Fusion and Infinity! Sunshine Power and Clean Energy "Metaverse" Appear at SNEC


On May 24th, the 16th SNEC Photovoltaic Conference and (Shanghai) Exhibition reopened after two years. Sunshine Power, carrying a clean energy "metaverse" booth with a maximum area of 1100 square meters, has made its debut at SNEC, and has released the world's first "5A Fusion Ground Power Station Solution White Paper" and "1+∞ Whole House Green Power Solution".

Global integration of "optical storage and hydrogen charging"

In the future, energy will develop towards the ultimate energy form of low-carbon, digital, wind and solar hydrogen storage multi energy collaboration, integrated optical storage and charging, and distributed resource aggregation virtual power plants. Sunshine Power is relying on a comprehensive product layout, starting from bottom level research and development, and vigorously promoting multi-dimensional technology integration and innovation to provide safe and efficient integrated solutions.

At the booth, Sunshine Power showcased comprehensive products such as photovoltaic, energy storage, charging, hydrogen energy, and operation and maintenance management, as well as the comprehensive integration capability of "optical storage, charging, hydrogen maintenance", covering all scenarios of energy bases, zero carbon parks, and zero carbon households.

融合与无限!阳光电源携清洁能源“元宇宙”亮相SNEC                                                                                                  Ground power plants usher in the era of "5A integration"

The sharp increase in ground photovoltaic installation is bringing about a series of new changes: lower grid electricity prices, complex scene environments, complex systems, and complex power grids......

Sunshine Power is based on eight major technological innovations: circuit, semiconductor, heat dissipation, electromagnetic, computing power, algorithm, AI intelligence, and security. It deeply integrates equipment, solutions, and applications, and has launched a 5A fusion solution of "All Scenario Application", "All Day Efficiency", "All Link Safety", "All Life Smart O&M", and "All Grid Support", Assist in the large-scale, high proportion, and high-quality development of ground photovoltaics.

Home Green Power Releases Optimizer New Product

With the upgrading of household green electricity consumption, users urgently desire highly coordinated system solutions, efficient brand operation and maintenance, and services. To this end, Sunshine Power has launched the "1+∞ Whole House Green Power Solution", which focuses on the core of inverter technology and is the first in the industry to achieve a fully stack self-developed "Optical Storage Charge Optimization Cloud" system level product portfolio, creating a one-stop system solution and service, providing consumers with a smoother, more efficient, and flexible experience.

Along with the plan, there is also a new product of MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) SP600S intelligent power optimizer, which has achieved industry breakthroughs in power generation, roof mounted capacity expansion, photovoltaic system safety, installation, operation and maintenance efficiency enhancement, making each component more efficient and safe for power generation throughout its entire lifecycle.

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