Jianghan Fine Chemical Emergency Fire Drill



       Since its establishment, Jianghan Fine Chemical has always focused on safety production. While continuously improving system construction, it has also provided continuous training and strengthening of emergency rescue knowledge for employees at all levels. In order to improve the organization, command, and coordination capabilities of accident emergency response, and to test the effectiveness of regular training, the company held the "Emergency Exercise for Nighttime Liquid Ammonia Leakage in Workshop 11" on September 1, 2018.
       At 17:30, the company's chairman and general manager, as well as other senior executives, went to the scene to observe. The emergency rescue team organized by the safety and environmental protection department and the production department gathered on site and stood by. With a command, the drill officially began.
       At 17:40, workshop employee Ye Jianfeng discovered a large amount of leakage in the secondary gas phase valve of the 10 # liquid ammonia storage tank during the inspection process. He immediately informed the workshop director Lei Yunhan, who immediately went to the scene to observe and report this emergency situation to the commander of the accident emergency response leading group.

       Commander Jian Yongqiang announced the launch of the emergency rescue plan for liquid ammonia leakage, and all rescue teams immediately began their work.

        Amidst the sound of the siren, the company's own fire truck quickly rushed to the scene.

       The operator opened the fire water cannon and formed a water curtain in the air. The workshop staff opened the sprinkler facilities, and the repair personnel Liu Haijun and Wu Jinhu, wearing chemical protective clothing and oxygen respirators, entered the tank area to search for the source of the leak.

        About 3-5 minutes later, the secondary gas-phase valve of the 10 # ammonia tank was closed, and the leakage point of liquid ammonia was controlled. At this point, the emergency repair work for liquid ammonia leakage in Workshop 11 was completed, and related follow-up work was carried out and completed one after another.

       After the drill, the chairman pointed out that the purpose of this drill was to exercise the command and coordination ability of the command personnel in emergency situations, verify whether the employees correctly mastered the use of protective clothing and positive pressure air respirators, enhance their emergency response ability in the face of liquid ammonia leakage emergencies at night, and improve the safety awareness of the company's employees. The drill basically achieved the expected effect. But after all, drills are just drills. When a real accident occurs, the on-site situation will be more complex and dangerous, hiding many risks. Through repeated drills, problems are identified, experiences are summarized, and emergency drill plans are continuously improved to lay a solid foundation for ensuring the company's safety production.

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