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       Silane, as an important branch of new materials, is widely used in almost all industrial and high-tech fields such as electronics and electronics, new energy, national defense and military industry, composite materials, construction, textiles, automobiles, etc. It plays an increasingly significant role in supporting strategic emerging industries such as aerospace, information and communication, life sciences, new energy, and traditional industries for sustainable development. Its improvement in product performance is becoming increasingly evident. Becoming an indispensable high-performance material for modern industry and daily life, it is the industrial "vitamin" of the manufacturing industry. In the latest national new material industry statistical classification catalog, silane coupling agents and crosslinking agents have been clearly listed and have risen to the national strategy. Their importance is self-evident, and their development prospects are unlimited.


      Jianghan Fine Chemical has been deeply involved in the field of organic silane for more than 20 years, focusing on the research and development, production, and sales of silane coupling agents and crosslinking agents. It has always paid attention to the international high-end silane application market demand, with market demand as the direction, quality as the guarantee, and win-win as the goal, and has gained a good reputation in the international market.

       After being awarded as an excellent supplier by Pirelli, the company was awarded the title of "Best Supplier of the Year" by Michelin, the world's largest enterprise in the tire industry this year. This award once again proves the quality and reliability of the company's products, and is also the driving force for us to continue expanding our confidence in the international market.

The above picture shows General Manager Gan Jun receiving awards on behalf of the company

      A hundred foot pole head, further progress. We will continue to be committed to the research, development and production of silane products, closely monitor the application of silane in various industries, actively participate in industrial cooperation in other fields, enhance the company's industry position, expand the market influence of our products, and strive to create a world-renowned silane brand.

Text: Song Wu

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