The Activity for distributing Bursaries in 2019



Talent is fundamental to the development of enterprises. Looking back on the development process of Jianghan Fine Chemical for over 20 years, the company has gone from being initially unknown to being a leader in the industry; From zero patents to 45 authorized patents; from having no college students, to now having a research team of over 200 people, including industry senior experts, doctoral, master's, and undergraduate levels, it highlights the importance of talent for enterprises. For this reason, the company systematically arranges for an annual "student aid distribution" event in the autumn to provide subsidies for the enrollment of employees' children after the high and middle school entrance exams. The purpose is to enable employees' children to receive a good education, grow into useful talents in society, and also cultivate the next generation of successors for the enterprise. For employees' children who are willing to come to the company for internships or development after graduating from university, priority should be given to providing positions and emphasis should be placed on training.

Recently, the 2019 scholarship distribution ceremony for "Helping Dreams Set Sail and Brighten a Smart Life" was held, with a total of 18 employees' children receiving subsidies, including both successful graduate students and new students who have just entered university, totaling 30500 yuan.

       As the saying goes, 'It takes three generations to make a gentleman', Jianghan Fine Chemicals will continue to contribute to the education of the children of its employees, and we hope that the path of knowledge for the employees and their children will become wider and wider.

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