Caring for Investors, Joining Hands for Action | May 15th National Investor Protection Promotion Day


In order to further promote a rational investment culture and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of investors, the China Securities Regulatory Commission has established May 15th every year as the "National Investor Protection Publicity Day" to carry out various forms of investor protection activities throughout the country, so as to deepen the concept of investor protection and guide investors to objectively understand the market and participate in investment rationally.
In order to fulfill the social responsibility of listed companies, Jiang Han New Materials (603281) actively responded to the call of the event and carried out an investor promotion activity with the theme of "caring for investors, working together - embracing comprehensive registration system reform, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of investors", guiding investors to establish a rational investment concept and strengthening risk prevention awareness.

The company will adhere to the bottom line of honest, trustworthy, and compliant operation, continuously strengthen corporate governance, improve the quality of information disclosure, advocate a corporate culture of serving, respecting, and rewarding investors, safeguard investor interests with practical actions, and promote a positive interactive relationship of mutual trust, mutual benefit, and win-win situation with investors.

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