Vice Governor Ning Yong Investigated Jianghan New Materials: To Increase Financial Support for Enterprise Listing and Major Projects


On November 16th, Vice Governor Ning Yong of Hubei Province led a team, with heads of departments such as the Hubei Securities Regulatory Bureau, the Provincial General Office, and the Provincial Financial Bureau. Accompanied by Wu Jin, the Secretary of the Jingzhou Municipal Party Committee, and relevant leaders from the urban area, they visited Hubei Jianghan New Materials Co., Ltd. to conduct on-site visits and research on the business operation and listing work of the enterprise.

 The chairman of Jianghan New Materials, Gan Shuguan, General Manager, Gan Jun, and relevant department heads received the research team and their delegation. At the construction site of the company's Phase III project, Gan Shuguan gave a detailed introduction to the company's basic situation, progress in listing work, and several key projects planned to be invested and constructed to achieve the company's industrial "supply chain, strengthen chain, and extend chain".

The new project that is about to be put into operation on the construction site will enable the company to achieve green and sustainable circular development in production process. The original production by-products that need to be transported and sold will be recycled and converted into main production raw materials, which not only improves the quality of the company's products from the raw material side, but also saves the cost of raw material transportation and the cost of processing by-products in the production process, realizing a complete green cycle from raw materials to the fluorosilicones .

Vice Governor Ning Yong carefully listened to the report and inquired in detail about the difficulties encountered by the company in going public. He instructed the provinces, cities, and districts to do a good job in enterprise docking services, seize the current policy opportunity period, and fully optimize listing services. Ning Yong emphasized the need to fully leverage the role of financial support for major project construction, in order to provide better financial services to support the development of the real economy; local governments should support financial highlands with project highlands and industrial highlands; continuously optimize the financial business environment, further build a good financial ecosystem, and support the high-quality development of the province's economy and society with high-quality financial development.

副省长宁咏调研江瀚新材: 要加大对企业上市和重大项目金融支持力度

Vice Governor Ning Yong and his delegation conducted research in Jianghan New Materials

副省长宁咏调研江瀚新材: 要加大对企业上市和重大项目金融支持力度

Vice Governor Ning Yong listened to the report about the construction site of Jianghan New Materials Phase III Project

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