Chemical Name: Acyloxyvinyl silane polymer

Chemical Name

Acyloxyvinyl silane polymer

Structural Formula

Acyloxyvinyl silane polymer

Physical Indicators

CAS NO.:-- Density (25 ° C), g/cm3: 1.11 Boiling point:--- Flash point: > 70 ℃ Refractive index (nD20): 1.442 Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid Solubility: Soluble in most aliphatic solvents such as aromatics, alcohols, and ketones, insoluble in water, and prone to polymerization in the presence of overheating, light, and peroxides.


This product is an acyloxy vinyl silane oligomer, containing vinyl and acyloxy unsaturated groups. It is mainly used in addition molding, photocuring, and peroxide systems. The product is characterized by low VOC emissions, high flash point, and low volatility.


5KG, 10KG, 25KG, 210L iron bucket, plastic bucket, or 1000L IBC bucket

Storage Conditions

Sealed and stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place, moisture-proof and waterproof, away from sparks and heat sources


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