The company is a national high-tech enterprise that focuses on the construction of a scientific and technological team. Through continuous improvement of innovation management and incentive systems, it has created an enterprise technology innovation platform and has attracted multiple high-tech talents, including returning doctors to join, forming a high-quality innovation and R&D technology team. The company currently has a technology department, divided into  R&D department, process technology department, and application technology department, responsible for new product R&D, process development and maintenance, application R&D, and new product promotion. The company has two provincial-level R&D platforms, namely the "Hubei Functional Silane Engineering Technology Research Center" and the "Hubei Enterprise Technology Center", and has conducted industry university research cooperation with higher education institutions and research institutes such as Wuhan University.

At present, the company has 63 authorized invention patents and 11 pending invention patents. It has led or participated in the development of a total of 14 national and industry standards. The extensive application of independent intellectual property rights in products has expanded the application scope of the company's products, bringing profits beyond conventional products in multiple segmented fields, and avoiding market concentration risks. The company's self-developed products applied in the fields of fiberglass, EVA film, solar photovoltaic sealant, integrated circuit epitaxial materials, electronic chip surface treatment, etc. It has filled the domestic gap and successfully achieved domestic substitution, effectively supporting downstream related industries to achieve cost reduction, efficiency increase, self control, and accelerated development.

In the future, the company will continue to strengthen the development of functional silanes, do well in the R&D of composite and polymer products, and gradually improve the ability to provide solutions for customers. The focus will be on the R&D of new products and processes in the following three directions. One is to further strengthen research on the comprehensive utilization of resources and enhance the added value of products. The second is to promote the development of functional silanes for new energy and enhance the application of the company's products in the industrial field. The third is to optimize the product synthesis process, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs. Relying on the company's existing advantages in all categories and high recognition within the industry, we will increase R&D investment, expand high-purity quartz sand and other products, achieve technological and industrial upgrades, and accelerate the implementation and transformation of scientific research achievements.