The ecological environment is the foundation of human being's exisence and development, and safety in production is the guarantee for employees' well-being. Our company  adheres to the philosophy of "people-oriented,healty&safety; environmental protection, pollution prevention; " in long-term; strengthening management,total involvement; following regulations, and continuous improvement", strictly implementing national safety and environmental regulations, policies, and standards, and adhering to its responsibility to society.
1. Intelligent upgrade
Over the years, the company has continuously promoted process transformation and upgrading, and has successively completed the continuous and automated distillation unit transformation of 60000 tons of functional silanes intermediates and 15000 tons of functional silanes. At the same time, all the newly built workshops of the company adopt automated control systems, while the old workshops are gradually undergoing automation transformation. Currently, the DCS automated production system has basically become a standard configuration in each workshop.
2. Green transformation
The 60000 ton trichlorosilane project newly built and put into use by the company aims to create a green, environmentally friendly, and sustainable ecosystem by constructing a closed cycle system of chlorine elements. HCl, a byproduct produced from the production of functional silane, will continue to be used as a raw material for the production of trichlorosilane, forming a closed cycle of HCl in the production system, achieving energy conservation, environmental protection, and safety goals.
3. Information management and control
The company is one of the first batch of 18 pilot enterprises of dual prevention system and industrial Internet plus+hazardous chemicals safety production pilot enterprises designated by the National Emergency Management Department. Starting from 2020, the dual prevention mechanism has been officially put into operation in the company. This scientific and effective system helps to detect hidden dangers in advance, reduce safety risks, and form a management loop. The company will further ensure the effective operation of the dual prevention mechanism by summarizing previous experience and optimizing and improving it. In the past two years, the company has invested millions of yuan in the construction of the industrial Internet plus+dangerous chemical safety production information management platform. At present, the platform related software and hardware facilities have been basically completed and put into trial operation, which can realize the real-time positioning of personnel in the work area, the electronization of work tickets and the real-time monitoring, snapshot and alarm of unsafe factors, and help to realize the post monitoring, behavior specification, online training and assessment of staff.
4. Standardized management
The company has a comprehensive quality control system that covers all aspects of production and operation, including procurement, production, inventory, and factory management. It has obtained the ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO14001, and ISO45001 quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety management system certifications of the German TÜV SUD certification agency. In 2023, the company completed the ISO14067 product carbon footprint certification for the first time, and the related products have undergone accurate, scientific, and comprehensive carbon emission verification to obtain the TÜV SUD green label.