Chemical Name: Vinyltriethoxysilane

Chemical Name


Structural Formula


Physical Indicators

CAS NO: 78-08-0 Product appearance: colorless transparent liquid Solubility: Soluble in most organic solvents, hydrolyzed in water Boiling point: 160 ℃ Density (20 ℃): 0.906-0.916g/ml Flash point (closed cup): 34 ℃ Refractive index (nD25): 1.398


1. As a single component silicone rubber crosslinking agent for RTV, it is used as a crosslinking agent in polymers such as (PE). 2. Widely used in silane cross-linked polyethylene cables and pipes, as a hydrophobic agent and surface treatment agent for glass cloth. 3. It has the function of coupling agent and crosslinking agent, suitable for polymer types such as polyethylene, polypropylene, unsaturated polyester, etc.


5kg/pot, 10kg/pot, 25 kg/barrel, 200kg/barrel, 1000kg/IBC, etc

Storage Conditions

Cool, ventilated, and dry


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