Chemical Name: 3-Aminopropylmethyldimethoxysilane

Chemical Name


Structural Formula


Physical Indicators

CAS NO: 3663-44-3 Density (20 ℃, g/cm3): 0.9450~0.9550 Boiling point: 190 ℃ Flash point: 90 ℃ Refractive index (n25D): 1.4220~1.4320 Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid. Solubility: Soluble in alcohol and highly hydrolyzable.


1. Used as an adhesion promoter in the paint, coating, adhesive, and sealant industries. Used to improve the bonding performance between organic resins and inorganic materials. It can enhance the adhesion to inorganic materials, such as metals, glass, ceramics; 2. Used as an additive for special primers in many bonding applications; 3. Used as a surface modifier for inorganic fillers and pigments; 4. Used as a finishing agent for synthetic textiles.


5kg/pot, 10kg/pot, 25 kg/barrel, 200kg/barrel, 1000kg/IBC, etc.

Storage Conditions

Sealed, cool at room temperature, dry and ventilated, away from flames and heat sources


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